Svensk kvalitet

Swedish quality

SeaZone’s products are of the highest quality and have been developed with the objective of providing maximum operational security under the most hazardous circumstances at sea. They are robust and shockproof and can cope with damp, wetness and extreme fluctuations of temperature.

The instrument panel controlZone 80S is completely watertight and can consequently be placed out on deck. Our other products are ventilated so that damp and condensation will quickly evaporate. The products are encased in  surface-treated aluminium with acid-proof screws so as to resist corrosion.

All products are developed and manufactured in Sweden.

All product development, of both hard- and software, is carried out by SeaZone. Circuit boards are assembled and soldered by Swedish company Nordic Industries and Technology in Blekinge. Testing, programming and final assembly are all done in SeaZone’s own factory in Orminge, Stockholm.

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