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Simpler and faster installations

The SeaZone electrical system is simple to install.

Learning how the system works is a cinch, and with our range of products it’s easy to get all the boat’s electrical devices up and running with your tailor-made functions.

A major benefit is the reduction in the number, length and thickness of the electrical cables. This makes a huge difference on a boat where space is at a premium and pulling cables can be a nightmare. The majority of cables disappear entirely, being replaced by one thin network cable.

Fewer tangled wires – more effective!

With one ordinary network cable installed between your instrument panel and SeaZone’s power distribution unit powerZone, you can control all your electrical components.

The traditional way is to install a cable between each control unit and the device being controlled. This jungle of cables rapidly grows into a bulky tangle if the boat has many electrical components.

Also, with SeaZone the cable area need not be as large, since distances are shorter from the powerZone units to the electrical devices, compared with the traditional method of pulling cables all the way from the control unit to the units being controlled.

The SeaZone system therefore saves you money, weight, space, and installation time. It’s simpler to get the entire electrical system in place – so it’s faster too. Your investment soon pays for itself.

Connection diagram controlZone & powerZone

Connection diagram ioZone & powerZone

Control and security at sea

Arguably the greatest benefit of the SeaZone electrical system is that you have full control over all functions and electrical equipment, which is crucial in hazardous situations like darkness and heavy weather.

The system is exceptionally well suited for commercial traffic, where a high degree of control and durable machines and systems are mandatory. The SeaZone electrical system supplies information on each component’s electricity use as well as on the boat’s total electricity consumption, and delivers a warning if any unit is not functioning properly. You can programme the system to send a signal, for example, if a lantern stops working – a life-saver in darkness.

The system is suitable for private use too, especially for those undertaking longer journeys.

Our belief is that the majority of newly built boats will have this type of electrical system within five or six years.

A system for those who put a premium on safety. A robust system that gives you full control. You can identify the electricity consumption of every electrical device on your boat and you can see immediately if something is not working properly.

Easy to programme

The system is intuitive, and consists of robust and well-defined parts. With a little basic knowledge of electricity, anyone can use, connect and configure the SeaZone electrical system.

Configuring and programming are executed directly in the power distribution unit powerZone via a simple tree-menu. You can also connect powerZone to a computer with a network cable, making all the adjustments and function settings for the individual devices in the computer itself. But since a laptop isn’t always available at sea, it’s a major advantage to be able to change or update configurations directly in the central unit.

Of course, sometimes things have to been done ultra-fast. And when you can’t afford to lose time the last thing you want to do is start up and connect a computer in order to troubleshoot or reprogram your electrical system.

Practical electrical functions

The SeaZone electrical system has many pre-programmed functions that meet most electrical needs on a boat.

Some examples:

  • Windshield wiper.
  • Continuously variable functions e.g. dimmer and defroster (regulates speed and enables seamless control from zero to 100 percent).
  • Total control over all electrical equipment, so that you know that all components are working as they should.
  • The system can warn and protect against the under- and overloading of all electrical components. This gives real security to a skipper who must defy the elements and other hazardous conditions throughout the year.

You can easily programme your own functions in our powerZone-box.

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