Produkt- & användarsupport

Product & user support

Product support

If you experience any technical, manufacturing or hardware faults, you should contact the dealership where the product was purchased. All SeaZone products come with a minimum of twelve months’ warranty covering manufacturing and technical defects or malfunction. If you have no information on where the product was bought, please get in touch with us directly so that we can trace the dealership using the product’s serial number.

User support

If you need help with any aspect of the operation of our products, or if you would like tips on how to optimise your product use, please complete the form below. We endeavour to reply to all support issues within 24 hours.

Please visit this page soon again. We plan to publish questions, problems and their solutions (FAQ) very shortly. We’ll also be starting up a User Forum, where SeaZone users can help one another with tips and advice.

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