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How it works: The SeaZone electrical system

With the SeaZone products, you can create a secure, effective and totally integrated system to control all the electrical functions on your boat. In addition to being quick and easy to install, it can readily be adapted to match your own specific requirements.
The new product groups computerZone and bridgeZone will be added to this description shortly.

SeaZone gives you total control over all your electrical equipment via an intuitive and easily-used interface. You receive continuous information on electricity consumption per unit, as well as under- and overload warnings. With SeaZone, you need never again worry about not having enough power in your battery. Since you always know how much power is left, you can prioritize and economize your consumption so you’ll never run short for the things that are most important.

The system’s innovative construction concept has radically reduced the need for cable connections. All control functions (switches, buttons, knobs, panels) are integrated and programmed to communicate digitally with every item of equipment. This cuts the number of cables to one thin network cable – obviously a huge advantage on boats, where space is at a premium and pulling cables can often be a nightmare. An additional bonus is that power transmission is improved by a reduction in the number, thickness and length of cables.

With SeaZone in place, it’s a simple matter to configure each item of equipment and to expand the system with new functions and components. For instance, you can programme lanterns to be switched on and off according to a predetermined pattern, or a series of events to take place at the push of a button. A switch can be designated  “harbour position”, for example: then specific electrical functions would be activated such as on-deck lighting, operation of freshwater pump, etc.

The SeaZones system consists of 4 products: powerZone, controlZone, ioZone and fuseZone.

These products can be installed and used in a wholly integrated system or independently of one another, depending on specific needs and the existing structure of your electrical system.

powerZone is the power distribution unit and the heart of the SeaZone system. Housing safety fuses and microprocessors, it runs the programming and control functions for all the boat’s electricity-consuming devices and components. It’s possible, for instance, to configure every device for functions like interval control, pulse and wink, minimum and maximum current strength, etc. This is done either directly on the central unit’s own screen or via a computer.

The system is operated either via SeaZone’s own switch panels (controlZone) or via existing Carling switches, buttons and instrument panels. To connect existing buttons and panels to powerZone, an intermediate connection is required via our electrical distribution board ioZone. It connects and receives both digital and analogue signals, packeted and communicated digitally to powerZone via an ordinary network cable (CAN Bus). Up to three powerZones can be serially connected to, and controlled by, one ioZone. There is, however, no upper limit as to how many powerZones that can be serially connected. Each powerZone has eight power outlets that can control the corresponding eight electrical devices.

If one or more powerZone units are placed close to the electrical equipment being controlled, in the stern for example, and controlZone and/or ioZone units are installed in the instrument panel further down the boat, then you can avoid a jungle of cables and tangled wires.

This is because only a thin network cable connects control instruments, buttons and electrical devices.

If instead one or more of SeaZone’s panels – controlZones – are used, then an intermediate connection via ioZone will not be needed since the controlZone unit is directly connected to powerZone via a network cable.

Kopplingsschema ioZone & powerZone

Kopplingsschema controlZone & powerZone

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