Bilder för webb

Visuals for web publication

Here you’ll find downloadable visuals produced for web publication.
They may all be used without restriction, provided  SeaZone and the name
of the product is mentioned in conjunction with the publication of the picture.

All visuals have a resolution of 72 dpi. There is one large and one small picture
of each product. Download by clicking on the size you want, right click on the
picture displayed, and then select “Save picture as…..”.

Power distribution units

Web (72 dpi)
powerZone 860 250x250px 500x500px
ioZone 24D / 24DA 250x250px 500x500px


Web (72 dpi)
controlZone 80 250x250px 500x500px
controlZone 80S 250x207px 575x475px
controlZone 08 250x207px 575x475px
controlZone 44 250x207px 575x475px
controlZone 71 250x207px 575x475px

Central fuse box

Web (72 dpi)
fuseZone 250x250px 500x500px
Visuals for web publication

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